FinPulse Space WIKI: most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrency, investments, blockchain and bitcoin in 2020

What will the big 3 cryptocurrencies be in 2020?

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t gone anywhere, it continues to maintain its dynamics and it can be seen from its live indicators, it can well surpass all the historical highs of 2017. Every year, new cryptocurrencies appear. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, but there are some cryptocurrencies with greater risk than others, so the best solution is to differentiate your investment approach and figure out which cryptocurrencies will be the best on the market.

Bitcoin from $185B to $1.85T = 10x / no rank change
Bitcoin is standard, especially for institutional investors. It has shown us that throughout the beginning of 2019.

Ethereum from $22B to $500B = 23x / no rank change
With its launch of Ethereum 2.0, it has a lot coming. Basically, 99% of the whole crypto space is running on Ethereum. Also, Ethereum has 70M(!) addresses now, that’s more than double Bitcoin with 30M addresses.

XRP from $11B to $100B = 9x / no rank change
XRP will probably pump their own coin, even though they have not so much to show for it. However, we have seen how quickly the tables can turn for XRP.

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?

If you have been mining cryptocurrency since 2011, it is hardly difficult for you to find the one suitable for investment. We cannot give financial advice with confidence, but we can consider the investment as a plan and talk about the dynamics of the market.

To choose the best cryptocurrency for investment, ask yourself the question: “Why is it considered the best?” “Which opinion leader relies on this currency?” “How risky can an investment be for me personally?”

Is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin a good idea?

Ultimately, we think Bitcoin will replace paper money. When we first examined this issue, the sum of all cryptocurrencies in the world was about $ 200 billion. Today it is about 750 billion dollars. And although there are many fraud currencies in the world, the largest currencies remain stable.

Consumer demand for the money of the future is about $ 200 trillion. Thus, the demand for stable cryptocurrencies, like the money of the future, is an uneven increase of 200 times! Just think, about 10,000 dollars turn into 2,000,000 dollars. We are now at the initial stage of this path, and only legitimate cryptocurrencies are worth it to become our future.