A short history of the legendary cryptocurrency
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2020.06.02 • 16:31

A short history of the legendary cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is now the most expensive currency in the world, but where did it come from and who invented it? We will talk about this today in our article. The idea of ​​creating a digital currency has appeared in humanity a long time ago. Back in 1998, Wei Dai published an article in which he talked about “B-money”. It was this person who developed the concept of cryptocurrency. A little later, Nick Szabo proposed the creation of Bit Gold - a decentralized digital currency. Developers considered the financial system to be ineffective, so they put forward new ideas for improving it. The ideas of Wei Dai and Nick Szabo were not implemented, but they became a significant prerequisite for creating a modern cryptocurrency.

Spy Bitcoin

In early 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto developed the first block of bitcoin using the blockchain. By the way, Satoshi Nakamoto still has not revealed his real name - his identity has not been officially established. An interesting fact: since no one provided materially for the creation of Bitcoin, its original cost was sent out for the cost of electricity. May 22, 2010 the first purchase for bitcoins was made. Laszlo Haniec - one of the first cryptocurrency developers that day bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. But today it is a lot of money!


In March 2010, the digital currency exchange Mt.Gox was launched. From 2011 to 2013, Bitcoin strengthened its position and, we can say, was equal to the US dollar. In 2013, Mt.Gox became the main cryptocurrency exchange platform. In 2014, a terrible event took place at Mt.Gox - 850,000 BTC were stolen. During the existence of bitcoin, this was the biggest robbery. In early 2014, the first secure Elliptic Vault Bitcoin repository was opened in London. In the same year, the vice president of the Bitcoin Foundation was arrested, people began to panic, so the price of cryptocurrency fell sharply and did not reach its initial value until 2016.

2017 is the best period in the history of bitcoin. At this time, cryptocurrency again began to occupy a leading position among currencies. This summer, the Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $ 3,000, and at the end of the year competed for the highest mark - $ 20,000 for 1 bitcoin. In 2018, the cryptocurrency fell, but today Bitcoin is trading for $ 9,452.12. Not a single currency has been so expensive. Today, bitcoin is a popular currency recognized in many countries of the world.