5 options for making money on bitcoins without investments
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2020.06.02 • 19:57

5 options for making money on bitcoins without investments

Bitcoin is the most successful and popular currency in the world. It is a sin not to seize the opportunity and not make money on it. Today we’ll tell you how to do this without investment. Interesting? Read it!

  1. Use bitcoin faucets. These are applications in which cryptocurrency is credited to registered users for performing certain tasks. A person can play games, watch advertisements or solve captcha. The reward for completing simple tasks is awarded in Satoshi - this is one hundred millionth bitcoin. With the help of bitcoin faucets, it is difficult to earn a lot of money for busy people, however, this option of earning can be a great addition to the main income. The most popular Bitcoin faucets that pay well: Bittube, BTC Clicks, Kickass Traffic, Coin Bulb and Clicks Coin.
  2. Games. Surprisingly, you can also get money for games. As cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, some developers decided to replace virtual money with bitcoins. For achieving certain successes, players receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency. Play and earn. This is a great option to make money fun. The most popular games where you can get cryptocurrency: Spells of Genesis, BitQuest, Spark Profit, SatoshiQuiz and Etheremon.
  3. Training. No, vision doesn’t fail you! In 2020, you can really earn money by studying! For example, in Coinbase there is a good opportunity to get cryptocurrency for studying information about it. Bitcoin Graph
  4. Work on freelance sites. As bitcoin is only becoming more popular, there are many employers willing to pay for services in cryptocurrency. Copywriters, designers and web developers can simply fulfill their duties and get paid in Bitcoins for this. You can earn on resources such as Bitgigs, Boontech and FreelanceForCoins.
  5. Lack of sanctions. Bitcoin is the only banking asset that cannot be taken from you.
  6. Use of referral and affiliate programs. Some companies are willing to pay money for distributing links to their resources. For example, you use a cryptocurrency exchange and give it a special link to your friend. Because he registers using your link and uses the site, you get bitcoins. The main thing is that the link is a referral and it is recorded in the system that it was you who invited the person. Yes, you won’t earn much on one friend, but if you place a referral link on your social network or blog, you can get a lot of money. By the way, you can also earn this way on Coinbase.

In our article, we examined the main options for making money on bitcoins without investments. Don't waste time and get money for a good time!