10 reasons for the crazy popularity of bitcoin
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2020.06.02 • 19:44

10 reasons for the crazy popularity of bitcoin

Today, the most popular digital currency in the world is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is gradually turning our mind about money and showing the world new options for making money. Why is BTC so popular? What benefits do you get for a currency worth $ 9,500? Today we will consider the main advantages of using the famous cryptocurrency.

  1. The ability to send money at any time of the day or night. Bitcoin doesn't depend on the time zone, so you can make transfers anywhere in the world and not worry about time.
  2. Very low commission. When transferring BTC, the commission is 0.0001. Which bank can boast of something similar? If you make a transfer for a large amount, the commission may be generally imperceptible.
  3. Anonymity of transfers. In order to make a transfer, just enter the recipient's wallet number. Verification is optional. Bitcoin Graph
  4. The ability to quickly become rich. An investment in bitcoin can bring huge success and wealth: you can buy cryptocurrency and just wait until it grows in value. Easy money, right?
  5. Lack of sanctions. Bitcoin is the only banking asset that cannot be taken from you.
  6. Safety. Reliable cryptography is used to store money access keys. Similar algorithms are used in banking systems. In contrast, the Bitcoin code is in the public domain.
  7. Supranational system. Bitcoin is like the internet. In the case of the further spread of cryptocurrency in other countries, you won't need to worry about finding a currency and keep counting money endlessly, since you can pay with bitcoins.
  8. Bitcoin is a famous brand. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is already recognized in many countries and companies.
  9. The impossibility of inflation. Digital money cannot be influenced by political forces or world events.
  10. Bitcoin is securely protected. It cannot be faked, like real money, or used twice - all information is stored in digital code.

The advantages of using cryptocurrency are many. Perhaps this is the currency that will become the most popular in the world and will replace our usual money. Who knows?